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David Young is a Professionally Qualified Business and Life Coach who has been coaching for a number of years.

Originally from a technical background, he moved into Product Management, Marketing and then trained as a Professional Coach.

He is passionate about helping people with their personal development, overcoming difficulties and achieving what they want out of life; all with the aim of becoming a better and happier human being.

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I had got a promotion where now I was managing the whole department. I struggled with the people management side of the role, working with David I was able to understand how I could approach my team and company directors more effectively. I now have a lot more confidence in how to approach difficult situations, get things done and be taken more seriously.

Peter T. – Twyford, Berkshire, UK

I needed to see somebody about my career. I didn’t know who to see or where to go but a friend of a friend recommended David to me. I knew I had to develop my Leadership skills, David has a wealth of experience and supported me on my growth.

Sarah W. – Reading, UK

I was apprehensive going to a life coach, I didn’t know if David could really help with depression. I had depression for about six months but working with David he helped me turn things around and helpped me see things more positively.  His insights on the mind is amazing and really helped me understand myself – thank you David!

Simon K. – Basingstoke, UK

At a time where my life seemed overwhelming, and facing difficulties with being able to implement goals I contacted David to help me gain a better understanding of myself and the barriers I had built up. At the time, I was very unhappy with my life, being constantly brought down by negative thought processes and finding it difficult to cope. David offered me exactly what I was after, the perspective to look at my situation differently. David is extremely personable and has the ability to connect with his clients quickly and to begin work with them at whatever stage they’re in at the time.

Every session was actionable, and he kept me accountable by assigning homework in which I had to complete various activities to give me a greater understanding of what my core needs were. One particularly impactful session, David provided me with a model which helped me identify unconscious messages I was telling myself which prevented me from completing tasks. This realisation was the fundamental turning point for me. After years of struggling with myself and not knowing why I was not achieving what I wanted to, in a matter of months David had helped me identify the root cause of my negative thoughts which was severely impacting every aspect of my life.

The sessions I had with David were the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. He helped me discover that everything I needed was already inside of me. He gave very little direct instruction and instead did a lot of listening, echoing and asking guided questions. From David I am on my way to ‘enjoying the journey and not just the destination’.

Verity T. – Reading, UK