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Career Coaching Questions
This is highly flexible.  Ideally in a quiet place so you, the client, can participate without distraction.  Coaching can be done at your office, at a quiet location in a hotel lobby or even at your or my home.  It is also not set so one day could be in your office, the next session online with the following session at your home.

From experience, it can be useful to change your environment to encourage new thoughts.  For example, coaching in a meeting room in a corporate environment is fine but often I found the clients that new insights are derived when going for a short walk whilst coaching.
Typically, it is an hour long. For the first session I normally book in as an hour and a half because there are some practicalities that canteens into the core coaching time.

For the first session I charge as if it was an hour long.
That is variable. Here are some examples of prior clients, however your own specific circumstances may differ.

Executive coaching – modifying leadership style. This individual it was an ongoing process, initially it started with a session once a fortnight for three months and then one session monthly for a further three months.

Executive coaching – competence in leading a team for new promoted manager. For this individual we had sessions monthly over six months.

Life coaching – building a more positive mindset. For this individual I saw fortnightly for two months and then a short “check-in” once every three months. <br
Life coaching – achieving a personal goal. I have had several of these type of clients, typically this depends on when the goal is. Further away from the goal clients are typically happier with once a month session which increase to fortnightly near the end point.

Yes. For an individual client everything is confidential unless they ask me to share with a specific individual.

For client whose company is paying that coaching, beforehand we will agree what can be shared with the company. Typically, this would be the general theme of the coaching session and progress. I will maintain the client’s confidentiality regarding acts of digression and breaking the law; with the exception of rape, paedophilia and murder.
Coaching is a powerful tool that helps people view themselves or problems differently. It encourages shifts in thinking which can lead to great positive results.

I firmly believe a trained and qualified coach who knows how to ask deep powerful questions would help many people with personal and work problems.

There are cases where coaching is not suitable and these are typically medical genetic related problems such as schizophrenia, bipolar disease and attention deficit disorder.
Yes. Depending on what is needed there can be great value in having two or more people in a session.

Typically those coaching sessions are longer and may have later follow-up individual coaching sessions.
Ask yourself a question:  they can see that I need a coach, what can they see that I can’t?

I would recommend getting contact and have a free 30 minute consultation. 

You have nothing to lose but 30 minutes of your time.

Career Coaching – What Next?

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