Life Coaching – Time for a Happier You

I fundamentally believe that everybody is a fine human being.

Some people have negative habits, overwhelmed with stress or anxiety or just need some more confidence.

Others are looking for help to achieve their goals whether that be financial,, relationship or in their career.

Working together we will look at your driving forces inside you and work on what you are trying to achieve.

Changing a Negative Habit

Achieving Your Goals

Building Confidence

Dealing with Depression

Overcoming Stress & Anxiety

What to Expect

First, we needed to make sure that I am the right coach for you with a short 20 minute conversation on the phone at no charge to you.  This is important as I want to make sure you feel comfortable with me and I feel I am the right person to help you.

My typical client normally has around 6 to 8 sessions.  The sessions are normally spaced around two weeks apart and in the latter stages a month apart.  Each client is different, some prefer weekly sessions, others fortnightly and others ad hoc.

I would recommend fortnightly sessions as this gives you time to reflect and act on our discussion.

In the first session we will discuss what is your goals and where you are now in achieving what you want.

During the sessions I will use powerful questioning techniques to help you understand your own driving forces.  In addition, we may also use in session specialist techniques designed to help nudge out hard to express thoughts.

To help further you understand yourself, I will provide insight on human psychology to give you an insight to why you might be thinking or driven in a particular way.

Over the following sessions, we will reflect on the progress of the prior sessions and continue the journey of achieving what you want.


I charge slightly more than the average Life Coach as I hold the International Coaching Federation’s highest training level qualification (Accredited Coach Training Programme – ACTP) and to ensure I give my clients the best and most up-to-date service I invest on my continual professional development every year.

My rate is:

£65 per one-hour session

  • 5% discount for a purchase of three sessions
  • 10% discount for purchase of six sessions

I additionally do a limited amount of free coaching for those in desperate situations and are unable to afford my services.