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Mental Health Awareness Week – doing my bit!

Mental Health Awareness Week


It's so great that society is taking mental health a lot more seriously today than 10, even 5, years ago! There's been a lot of news on the mental health awareness week, it is truly shocking how hidden it is from society yet one in four of us are walking around with an issue. Those people are not crazy, "nutters" or insane just typically suffering from depression and/or anxiety. Bad things do happen to us and unfortunately any one of us could find ourselves suffering from depression or anxiety. As somebody who has suffered from depression on several occasions I fully understand what people are going through. I say to anyone who is suffering with depression and/or anxiety, "it is tough however it does get better. You're not the first person to have depression and sadly will not be the last. Trust you will recover but also make sure you take action to improve your situation to speed your recovery."

What can you do to overcome depression?

Depression - Medical Route

I would always recommend you do see medical professionals. He or she might prescribe you medication, or might not. You could well be depressed due to say prolonged stress however there may be an underlying biological reason why your serotonin levels are low giving the symptom of depression.

In either case it is always worthwhile checking with a medical professional. Remember, if you are prescribed antidepressants and you feel uneasy in taking them then it is very simple, don't take them.

It is your body and it is your free choice whether you take them or not. I've had depression multiple times, I have taken antidepressants and found them useful but it that is my personal point of view and your point of view is equally valid.

Depression - Self-Help

Outside the medication route, find things that give meaning to you and do them!  I don't care what they are, as long as it gives you a sense of inner meaning and happiness then crack on and do it. Perhaps it is a hobby, perhaps it's inviting friends over or perhaps it is simple other hot bath! Whatever it is, do it for you.

Get some exercise, if you're not used to exercise then start with a 10 minute walk. "Oh David, I don't have time for exercise", you have to be joking! If you don't have 10 minutes in your day to give to yourself then you need to seriously re-evaluate what you are doing. Those 10 minutes are not a waste, they are a gift from yourself to you.

Your body will feel better and your mind will feel better. Gradually increase beyond those 10 minutes to a minimum of 30 minutes every other day but preferably 30 minutes every day or even more

Depression - Mental Health Specialist

Of course, I would recommend seeing a specialist regarding mental health. That could be a counsellor, life coach or psychologist. Each are useful in a given context to be sure you pick the right one.

Why would I see a mental health specialist? Well, depression and/or anxiety has problem components of both physical and mental processes. Very rarely there is only one component and that is why it is useful to consider both the medical and the psychological support in overcoming depression and/or anxiety.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this short article, as it is mental health awareness week I am running some special offers on my services. If you'd like to know more, please click below, and in the meantime, "stay strong in your mind, strong in your body and strong in your heart"

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